Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sister Jane - Parallel dreams

There are some brave people out there and Spanish designer Beatriz Deza has shown that she had the guts to leave her comfortable job in finance to start a completely new venture by setting up her own fashion brand: Sister Jane.
Her style is clearly influenced by her 10 years living in London and the clothes are inspired by the British look, mixed with some vintage ingredients. 
A touch of rebellious attitude against the fast pace of current days.
Sister Jane first collection was launched at Topshop, and now it can be found at Asos and in both department and independent stores.
The last collection is nostalgic and focuses on individuality. It reminds me of Sofia Copolla's film The Virgin Suicides and nonconformist Lux Lisbon. 
Crochet tops and high-waisted shorts.
Black and white lace dresses and silk blouses.
Fringed cardigans on paisley and floral prints.
An air of innocence, fire, and feminine power

Designer Breatriz Deza with one of her designs

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