Friday, July 6, 2012

Music and fashion (7): The Knife

One of the most intriguing bands of the early 21st century. 
With the new millennium a whole universe of experimentation was opened in the music and fashion industries.
It was the end of the world as we knew it and a new era began.
We started hearing about The Knife, an electronic music brother-sister duo from GoteborgOlof and Karin Dreijer.
They didn't like their picture to be taken. They set apart the artist and wanted to focus on the music. With their politically controversial album Deep Cuts they talked about women's rights, deep love and the citizens' duty to pay taxes (oh! righteous Swedish). It was an image of isolation represented by long black coats and wigs, crow-like Venetian masks, with a cold, dark forest as background. Occult and funny, in their own way. 
For Silent Shout they went deeper and we needed more time to decipher the subtle messages hidden in the lyrics, where they talked about TV addicts, scared housewives and loneliness, dressed as gymnasts from the 80's. 
There is no repetition. Only a big commitment to their music, not to the audience and critics' expectation.
It's raining like hell in London today
But it's Friday, anyways
Take a deep breath

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