Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Folk - Here come the girls

For years women have been granted with a "footwear only" members policy at Folk, while we were dreaming of wearing those comfy cardigans and stylish shirts that were reserved for the lucky guys.
But our time has arrived! The Debut Womenswear collection at Folk has been launched for next season. And it's a good one.
We will be able to relax wearing one of the soft and warm cardigans. Or we could just choose to wear a structured tuxedo jacket paired with tailored trousers.
The collection also includes silk tops, indigo mao-type collar shirts and ponchos inspired by utilitarian workwear, which is one of the macro-trends for the next 18 months.
The collection maintains the brand's ethos and includes innovative details within the designs.
It has a kind of understated and laid-back elegance that only a detailed design process and carefully selected fabrics can offer.  
A great addition to contemporary womenswear


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