Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Alexander Wang campaigns with Azealia Banks

The new Fall 2012 T by Alexander Wang campaign has been released and the stars are not only the clothes of the Wang's casual line.
Featuring hip-hop singer Azealia Banks, she becomes the New Girl to team up with the designer. 
Filmed mostly in black and white, the video has been directed by Daniel Jackson with art direction by Christopher Simmonds, styled by Alastair McKimm and with Alexander Dynan as cinematographer/editor.
A collaboration that makes completely sense: Banks is ranking up in the fashion parallel world and is invited by designers to perform at private parties. 
Uber cool soft tees, and jersey dresses...
A new explosion of talent by the man who put sweat pants with heels on trend

Friday, July 27, 2012

Music and fashion (10) - Miles Davis

During the rationing times in Britain, when tailors weren't allowed to add turn-ups to the trousers and skirts were not permitted beyond certain length to save on material, some tailors were making the impossible to add their mark to the garments by including velvet edges to jackets and creating tight trousers.
Others focused on the American film industry and imported the double-breasted suits, wide lapels and coloured shirts attracting modern jazz musicians and rock stars.
Different phenomena were occurring in the music and fashion industries during the 40's and 50's. 
Considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century and one of the key figures in jazz history, with Kind of Blue regarded as US national treasure, Miles Davis not only commenced a revolution in jazz but also led changes in fashion.
Davis was a "fashion animal" showing a rebellious streak by wearing loafers and moving from the traditional Ivy League style to slim Italian suits (in part to do with upward mobility).
Called the Prince of darkness due to his whispering voice, damaged after having larynx surgery, Miles Davis pushed boundaries by becoming artistically prolific when critic would not support him and adding a veneer of respectability with his clothes.
The Italian suit would be later incorporated by the mod movement and one of the best British bands ever.
But that's another story.
Til then, a little bit of improvisation

Thursday, July 26, 2012

ASOS Black X Puma

The London 2012 Olympics commence tomorrow so let's get into the sporty mood and look!
Asos Black and Puma have created a collection and as it couldn't be otherwise when sport and fashion (or spashion) get together, comfort and pragmatism are playing a key role here.
A 50 piece sportswear collection with a more tailored direction: jackets and puffa waistcoats, knitwear, tops, leather rucksacks, nylon and sport trousers. 
A complete look were the details and technical features rule.
Available at www.asos.com from 25 September.
During the Olympics hangover...
Game's on

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Miu Miu AW12 - Suits you bird

Once again Miu Miu has joined forces with American actress and fashion icon Chloƫ Sevigny for the AW 12 campaign, shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot.
The collection digs into some of the most important trends for next season: the head to toe prints, jungle inspired colours with a mix of pink, fucsia, blue, green and yellow, a metallic touch and the use of suede on key pieces.
All combined with an androgynous tailored look inspired on the 70's but with a futuristic twist.
Orangy lips and green eye shadows make the look a 10/10.
Visit NYmag for the behind the scenes video: music by Phantogram (When I'm Small)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Balmaseda - Beyond the fabric with Zaida Goveo

There is a counter-revolution started by shoppers, consumers and designers tired of the always changing fast-pace of the fashion industry. And some of them are going back to the roots.
Zaida Adriana Goveo Balmasade (aka ZAGB) is the brains behind Balmaseda, and eco fashion brand created under the principles of quality over quantity and our connection with nature.
The collection was shown at The Green Fashion Competition grande finale at Amsterdam International Fashion Week in January this year.
Both audience and jury were impressed with the delicate hand-knitted garments, the search of sustainable resources and the inspiration in nature: roots, branches, moss and leaves that when converted into dresses, cardigans and leggings tele-transport us to a magical forest.
We are going ECO

Friday, July 20, 2012

Music and fashion (9): Teddy Boys

In Britain in the early 50's, at the time when a teenager called Elvis Presley was breaking into the music industry with his wild moves, post-war kids were about to commence a revolution. Working class youths popularised the neo-Edwardian look, previously only followed by the upper classes. 
The Teddy Boys were born.
The different colours used to make the suit were linked to the music they listened and the gangs they belonged to: black for the hard boys, duck egg blue if you were into Johnny Ray, shiny silver as favoured by the Walham Green gang.
Teds became the focus of male fashion, but they also had a bad reputation: they were the bad boys, deliquents, rioters. Youngsters fighting the establishment. And also fighting a new movement imported from the US, the beatniks.
The novelist Anthony Burgess confessed that he partly based his book A Clockwork Orange on the rise in violence observing that Teds " were the personification of the Zeitgeist and expressed a brutal disappointment with Britain's post-war decline".
The Teddy Boys gave birth to the first youth cult: they listened to jazz and skiffle music, and even had their own dance The Creep based on the song written by saxophonist Ken Mackintosh. And after Blackboard Jungle was shown at theaters, Teddy boys started listening to artists like Elvis Presley, Bill Haley and Eddie Cochran.
After some years Teds will fade away and blended with Rockers, but that's another story.
The duck-arse (DA) hair remained tho...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

H&M and Lana del Rey - Friends with benefits

Last month we were revealed the exciting new collaboration between H&M and Maison Martin Margiela.
But this is not the only surprise for next AW12 collection.
The Swedish giant has communicated that Lana del Rey will be the "face and voice" for their LA Noir collection next season.
Styled by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, the collection is inspired in the America of late 50's and 60's, with soft and feminine housewife-ish garments: pale pink angora blend sweater, leather shorts and minidresses will be some of the key pieces of the collection.
Tthe singer will star a fashion video directed by Johan Renck, which will be available at H&M's website on 19 September.
Fashion industry is quickly requesting Del Rey's services, who has been Vogue cover and has a Mulberry bag named after her. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Folk - Here come the girls

For years women have been granted with a "footwear only" members policy at Folk, while we were dreaming of wearing those comfy cardigans and stylish shirts that were reserved for the lucky guys.
But our time has arrived! The Debut Womenswear collection at Folk has been launched for next season. And it's a good one.
We will be able to relax wearing one of the soft and warm cardigans. Or we could just choose to wear a structured tuxedo jacket paired with tailored trousers.
The collection also includes silk tops, indigo mao-type collar shirts and ponchos inspired by utilitarian workwear, which is one of the macro-trends for the next 18 months.
The collection maintains the brand's ethos and includes innovative details within the designs.
It has a kind of understated and laid-back elegance that only a detailed design process and carefully selected fabrics can offer.  
A great addition to contemporary womenswear


Monday, July 16, 2012

TheP - Treasure hunt

Discoveries like fashion brand TheP are my guilty pleasure. 
A young designer creating herself, following her passion and giving birth to a collection full of personality.
Patricia Castillo is from El Salvador and after studying design in Milan she went back home to put together her experiences and influences and set up in 2011 her own fashion label: TheP.
Her 2012 collection was presented at Pure London in February this year and we hope that it will help them to become known in the Old Continent.
TheP offers contemporary womenswear full of extraordinary details on jacket sleeves, trouser's waist and tops. 
The mix of fabrics, selection of prints and colours and the neat designs are combined beautifully, adapting this ready-to-wear collection to the search of individualism and the feminine figure.
Touches of neon and lace enhance the character of the garments.
Hope you like it as much as I do

Friday, July 13, 2012

Music and fashion (8): The Cure

The Cure played last night at the BBK Live Festival in Bilbao, Spain. They went, played and conquered that small piece of land called Kobetamendi, with more than 35,000 people dancing at the sound of their tunes.
From Easy Cure to just The Cure, it's been more than 30 years since they released their first album.
Those were the days of post-punk and new wave. But they moved away from the regular sound and aesthetics to achieve something darker and more oppressive.
And the style reflected the evolution of the band and its sound: it was eccentric and experimental like the use of Joker-like make-up and hair. Music full of emotions, ups and downs without becoming dull.
Playful and daring. Joyful and intense.
And all with a distinctive image that caused a revolution and now makes us, mortals, put some rough make-up on to go and listen to them.
Provocative and unexpected.
Some of of the best rock, pop or whatever music label you want to use for this magic band.
It's Friday.
And still, I'm in love.