Saturday, June 30, 2012

Music and fashion (6): Elvis - Long live The King

What would be about fashion and music without Elvis Presley?
Elvis was just a teenager with greasy hair when he spent lunchtimes soaking up the music of Beale Street in Memphis, while gazing at the fashionable clothes in Lansky Brothers' shop window.
It was a revolutionary time and the gangsters ruled the city, wearing the famous zoot suits at the rythm of the radical sound played at underground nightclubs. He ain't no black, but still he joined the trend of squared-pattern and estructured suits, with wide backs that became the proud symbol of the mexican and black etnicities. 
Elvis' pelbis movements were a threat, and so was the zoot suit to the point at which Little Richard had to wear a softer version so he could play at white clubs.
Again, both music and fashion were playing a crucial role during the events that happened those years, and artists were leading the change.
Elvis, the ever masculine and sexual, dared everyone with his black leather jumpsuit during his comeback special in 1968.
And then the Vegas phase came, and with that the bling and the excess. Of any kind.
Las Vegas, aka "Sin City". Where everything is possible and available at your hand's reach.
He was a kid when he broke the barriers and taboos of music, singing like a black man and with those hip moves.
He was a grown man when he changed the way showbusiness was done. 
Men looked up to him and women cried over him.
The King  

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