Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Band of Outsiders (and II) - Oh Boy!

The LA based fashion brand Band of Outsiders has two women's collections: Boy, or the main collection, and Girl, the more casual, girly, softer collection
With Michelle Williams as the face of their Spring 2012 collection, the fashion label played with feminine versus tough women, Hitchcock-ish style. 
For the pre-fall 2012 collection Scott Sternberg has taken the inspiration from the East Coast and the cooler weather from NYC has lead the brains of this fashion brand to forget for a second about the beach, sun  and laid-back style from his adopted hometown
A buttoned-up and androgynous look, double-breasted woolen coats with leather elbow patches, khaki trousers nipped at the ankle like the ones worn by Arizona Muse below
Vintage reminiscences 
Leather jackets and pleated skirts
Menswear revamped for strong women


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