Friday, March 1, 2013

EGO. (centric) - Madrid Fashion Week Young Talent Platform

One of the most exciting parts of Fashion Weeks is the space dedicated to young talent. During last Mercedes Benz Madrid Fashion Week, EGO platform focused on young Spanish designers and their view of the fashion world. Fresh and new perspectives expressed in multiple ways.
From Amimanera's soft and romantic style full of silk and lace to the urban and playful looks presented by BEGO4MONSO, here is a review of some of the most promising designers in the Peninsula.

 Ph: Amimanera
The military influences and new gothic from designer of contrasts Dragomir Krasimirov, sit quite opposite to a color explosion at Eugenio Loarce show: paneled prints and a hint of flamenco were the inspiration for a beautifully tailored collection, well combined with a strong yet feminine attitude:

 Ph: Eugenio Loarce (from

 Another star shining bright was Leyre Valiente: structured shapes, oversized sleeves, slit skirts, organic textures and ruffles for a collection inspired in witchcraft, Salem and heroins, with volumes and shapes that provided an ethereal and earthy look

Ph: Leyre Valiente (

Some of the designers have already stockists abroad, like Victor Von Schwarz, who has his collection being distributed in Taipei

The catwalk was wrapped by winter themed collection presented by River William, a designer duo from the North. Icy tones splashed by fluor colors to awaken our senses with geometrical naked-branch like prints on velvet:

Ph: River William

And then we have Pepa Salazar, winner of the "Mercedes Benz Fashion Talent" award, who showed a delicate collection full of thin layers and soft textures with a touch of metallic. Shapes that reminded of Japanese culture, origami and minimal 21st century kimonos:

Ph: Pepa Salazar (

There were only a handful of designer presenting Menswear collections, and Georgina Vendrell was one of them. It was full of warm colors (grey, mustard, maroon), utilitarian clothes and comfy knitted trousers:

Ph: Georgina Vendrell


  1. Wow, cuanto talento junto!!!!!!!!!! Me ha encantado la colección de River William!!!!!!
    Un besazo enorme!

    1. Muchas gracias guapa! Mucho talento, y que siga así :)