Monday, May 28, 2012

Sessun - French delicacy

After a successful fashion show at Who's Next in Paris, anthropology student from Montpellier Emma Francois set up the first Sessun boutique in Marseille in 1999
Now an international fashion label, I first knew about this fab French brand when I found this shorts in Supra (Portobello Road) 
Stockists include Urban Outfitters (I found an amazing blouse at the NYC store)
And there are lots of reasons to love Sessun: delicate shapes and soft colours that enhance feminity, vintage reminiscence and playful girlyness with an androgynous wink
Different elements drive the inspiration for the collections: a colour range, a film, a story or even an album cover
With a mix of graphic and sound designers in her team, Sessun's trendy and timeless designs match the philosophy and key aspects of their identity

Monday Monday, so good to me

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